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Yoga for Neck & Shoulders

If you are wfh or not, you can practice this flow to release the tension from neck and shoulders that builds up with long hours of looking into to your screen and other activities we do.

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Connect with your Breath 

No doubt Breathing is so essential and there is so much already written about it !!

Thought of putting a 10-minute breathing practice video that covers different aspects of breathing. Mindful breathing practices, Just simple deep breaths, Belly breathing, and Pranayama practice for your daily routine for stress relief, energize you, building your immunity and overall balance.




In my mind, breathing is your best friend, If you are tired, breathing can energize you and if you are too excited and anxious, strong emotional feeling, breathing can calm & relax you. When in doubt, just return to your breath. Breathing will help you connect to the present. Just a few deep inhales & exhales will help you connect to your breath.

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Kids Breathing Practices

Eating well, exercising, and sleeping adequate amounts improve the power of the immune system. But did you know that the ‘simple’ act of breathing properly is a terrific way of strengthening the immune defenses?

Here is something I have put together- 7 fun ways to practice breathing with your kid  Check it out and hope you will enjoy this time together.

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Yoga for seniors

Gentle Yoga flow created keeping in mind the needs of the
seniors; or if you are new to yoga, especially at this time it will be great to introduce this in your daily routine when there is limited movement. 



Daily Yoga Practice 

Practice this simple & easy to follow Yoga flow every day for building strength, flexibility & relax with breathing practices. Make sure you breathe throughout the practice and listen to your body. Be consistent with your practice and be patient with yourself.


Yoga for lower back & Hips

Sitting for prolonged periods of time is leads to shortens and tightens the hip flexors, hamstrings, and calves while weakening our abdominal, back muscles, outer hips. Over time, the effect of this muscular imbalance meaning lower back stress and tight hip. To combat this problem, start by making it a habit to get up and walk around for a few minutes every hour. Also, incorporate yoga into your daily routine. It’ll help strengthen your hips, which is beneficial in releasing lower back pain.


Bed Time Yoga Routine

With the change in the routine of many during this time & so much screen time, a 20-minute yoga sequence like this is the ideal way to give your body the signal that it’s time to relax and prepare for sleep 🙂
Check this Yoga Bedtime Sequence to hell
you relax & prepare you for a Good Night Sleep. Perfect for the end of the day!

Ideal for winding down after a busy day & let go of any tension that has to build up in body and mind,

Ps : Even beginners can try this routine.